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Welcome to Little Hummingbird Events – a company that takes pride in celebrating the creativity and craftsmanship of the most talented local artisans and makers around. We are passionate about supporting independent small businesses and providing them with a vibrant platform to showcase their unique products at artisan and makers markets, farmers markets, festivals, and a host of other events. Our mission is to create a welcoming community where individuals can come together, explore and discover the talents of local artisans, and experience something exceptional and unique. Whether you are a maker or a curious visitor, join us today and participate in something truly exceptional!


We are based in Yorkshire but operate all over the region. We are continually on the lookout for new sites, partners, and talented individuals to join us. If you're just starting out trading with your products or are a seasoned creator looking to reach new audiences, we'd like to hear from you. With a wealth of experience in working with all types of sites, buildings, and projects, we are confident that we can help you achieve your goals.



Nicola Hudson

Owner & founder Nicola Hudson is a Yorkshire-based businesswoman with a good history of event management under her belt and an enthusiasm for helping independent businesses, she does not hold back. Nicola is passionate about championing small, local and independent businesses and pushing them into the limelight where they can be noticed and then thrive. 


Nicola recently retired from Law after 26 years where she enjoyed her time as a Personal Injury Lawyer for well known legal giants in the city (again helping others) but what many people  don’t know is that she once managed events for one of Europe’s largest stately homes which gave her the initial idea of setting up in business.  Traditionally starting as a wedding planning company, You Said Yes was born. Nicola helped many couples plan their big day up and down the UK from stately homes to countryside barns and Tipis in farmers’ fields - anywhere really, before branching out into organising and hosting artisan makers and craft markets for local authorities and private venues. All of this done whilst working full-time in law.


Operating all kinds of events around South Yorkshire, Nicola and her team became firm favourites with iconic sites in the borough and helped local authorities with regenerative projects, recognising new revenue streams and highlighting a sites offer.

Unfortunately,September 2021 saw Nicola’s health take an unexpected turn and after some time in a coma she had to restart her life. Making changes to the business was one of them and she could no longer travel around the UK planning weddings on her own as a disabled woman, so part of the business sadly took a back seat whilst the team supported her with mainstream eventing. This change in circumstances prompted a change in direction and a rebrand and ‘Little Hummingbird Events’ was born early in 2022, prompted by the death of her Mum and other life changing moments. The name of the company is interwoven with meaning surrounding Nicola’s mum and their relationship with a nod toward her new life with husband, Ian. 


Spreading their wings into Nottinghamshire and North, West and (more recently) the East Riding of Yorkshire Little Hummingbird continue to enjoy a period of growth.  More recently adding Derbyshire and beyond to their travels, they continue to climb northward.


Nicola is supported by ex-husband Mark, who initially helped to set up the company back in the day.  In fact, he was responsible for the design and re-brand and continues to design for the company and run the administration side of things.  They have an excellent working relationship and are supported by Nicola’s PA, Ellen and a fabulous ground team who ensure that traders are assisted with set up, parking, de-rig and everything in between. In fact they are currently expanding their team of ‘internal’ staff as the business grows.  It is this friendly, honest and helpful approach to trading and business that has earned the Little Hummingbird Events team a good reputation within the industry and with traders and visitors across Yorkshire. 


In November 2023 Nicola embarked upon the launch of a “Collective” where she could bring together all different types of makers, creators and small businesses to share shop space and ideas and work in a friendly and safe environment.  The Hummingbird Collective was born and Wakefield was its home.  Recently joined in March 2024 by a second store in the beautiful town of Bawtry with a third store opening in Huddersfield soon.  Plans are underway to open 2 more Collective stores shortly, details for which will go live very soon. 


There are lots of plans in the making, so keep following social media to stay up to date with all that’s going on. 

Mark Smith
Marketing/Event Manager


Mark is the Marketing Manager for Little Hummingbird and has been involved since day 1, setting up the company with his then-wife, Nicola.   His main role now is supporting the business with design and marketing given that he has his own graphic/web design company which has been growing steadily for the last 5 years.  Mark is meticulous in his approach to client services and is the compliance officer for the company too.  When everyone around him loses their heads, Mark sits cool as a cucumber waiting to handle the matter and will always remain polite and professional. 


Mark designs all of the social media advertising, banners, graphics, signage, posters, leaflets and everything else we need to get noticed through his own business, SimplyNKS Design. He updates the web daily and programs our eventing calendars into Third Party sites.  He liaises with all of our clients to ensure that we use their own brands wherever possible and encourages everyone to use social media.  He is truly a champion of all things social.  He even designed the very website you're currently viewing, and the rebrand of the business from You Said Yes to Little Hummingbird Events.  Mark offers a wide range of services to a wide range of clientele including our traders which is quite handy - all of which can be seen by visiting

Mark has had a varied working life and past jobs include - lab technician, staff trainer.  He then retrained as a Disease Lawyer (working in Leeds and Sheffield), and more latterly has worked in hospitality.  His main role these days is the behind-the-scenes day-to-day running of Little Hummingbird Events and designing our new products to get The Hummingbird Collective noticed.








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I couldn’t do any of what I do without a fabulous support system behind me and I have a great team of people who really make a difference to what we do. You’ll always find our guys ready to help you at market events and can be easily identified by their yellow jackets and name badges. 


Our regular exhibitors will know how hard the guys work to ensure the set up and de rig of events goes smoothly. So here’s my big thank you to Margaret, Ian, Mark, Winnie, Di & Kristian.  Thanks for being awesome. 

Nicola x

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